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Dos Krausos Logistic GmbH is a still young logistics company based in Hamburg. Since 2016, we have been providing comprehensive services as a freight forwarding company in the areas of national & international transports as well as container logistics. With our experience and a dedicated team, we stand by our customers as a reliable partner to meet their logistical requirements. As a freight forwarding company, we offer tailor-made transport solutions for a wide range of industries. Thus, we transport goods safely and on time to the appropriate destinations.

As a logistics company, we have very extensive experience with efficient supply chains. Therefore, we offer services ranging from storage, picking and relabeling to inventory management and distribution. We have our own custody warehouse as a transshipment point for loading and unloading of duty paid goods. With our staff, we work for small businesses as well as for very large companies. In shipyard logistics, during inspections, renovations or repairs of cruise ships, we provide the appropriate materials for the various trades just-in-time, so that the work proceeds quickly.

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